Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship for the Study of Modern and Contemporary Ukraine

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta (UofA), is pleased to announce that, beginning in the 2015-16 academic year, it will offer annually one post-doctoral research fellowship to support the development of the study of modern and contemporary Ukraine. The fellowship, in the humanities and social sciences, is made possible with the financial support from the Stasiuk Endowment Fund at CIUS, and will be offered for one year (with the possibility of renewal, subject to review). To qualify, applicants must have received a PhD or candidate of sciences degree (if from Ukraine or other post-Soviet country) within the past three years at the time of application.

Although all applications in fields associated with the Humanities and Social Sciences will be considered, research proposals in the area of identities, nationalism, regions, borders, social values, historical politics and memory, will be given preference. Successful applicants are expected to take up their post-doc appointments at CIUS between September 1 and October 31, 2015. Holders of the fellowship will be known as Stasiuk Research Fellows. In addition to implementing their research project, Stasiuk Research Fellows will be expected to assist and participate in the planning and activities of CIUS.

All interested candidates are invited to submit the following:

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A Summary of Previous Research Work/Experience (250-300 words)
  • A Research Proposal (1,500-2,000 words). The proposal should include a description or discussion of the applicant’s relationship to the topic of research.
  • ACertified Copy of the document conferring the PhD or Candidate of Sciences degree (if not in English, include also a certified English-language translation).
  • Two Letters of Support (one must be from a scholar associated with the institution that granted the PhD or candidate of sciences degree).

The application deadline is 1 March 2015. This competition is open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and foreign nationals. The annual stipend is $38,000. Award recipients receive supplemental health benefits. An additional $2,000 is available for research-related expenses. Recipients of the Stasiuk Fellowship may not hold another fellowship concurrently.

About CIUS
CIUS, established in 1976, is dedicated to promoting research and publishing in Ukrainian studies, in Canada and worldwide. An integral part of the UofA in Edmonton, CIUS also maintains an office in Toronto. For more information, please visit


Please send application and supporting documentation to:

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

430 Pembina Hall, University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB T6G 2H8


Tel: (780) 492-2972; Fax: (780) 492-4967


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