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Submission guidelines

The Forum publishes texts that deal with international and domestic aspects of Ukraine’s politics, economics, society, identity, and security and expects the analysis to be embedded in a regional and/or international context.

The Forum appreciates a wide range of texts without favouring any particular theoretical or methodological tradition. Preference is given to exploratory and explanatory papers offering unique and well-supported analytical insights. However, the texts should be written in a non-dense style, easily read and understood by both specialists from other fields and general audiences interested in the discussed topics.


The Forum invites contributors to submit analytical essays within the range of 2,000 to 2,500 words. For essays longer or shorter than this range, please consult the editorial team for consideration; the Forum reserves the right to authorize publication in justified cases.

The body of the essay should be divided into thematic sections. Each section should explicitly present one argument. Each section should have its own subtitle.

Notes are to be avoided. References to external sources should be presented as hyperlinks and embedded in the text. (To insert a reference, select the relevant text and use the “insert hyperlink” command in the Text Processor or press <ctrl>+K in MS Office or Open Office, then in the dialog box insert the http:// address of the target webpage.)

See essay examples on the Forum:

Comments and Opinions

Shorter texts (800 to 1,500 words) may also be submitted for consideration. Texts in the “Comments and Opinions” category explore urgent questions in a brief and concise manner.

See comments and opinions example on the Forum:


The Forum also publishes interviews with academics, experts, and practitioners. The length of interviews should be within the range of 1,500–2,500 words. Before proceeding to conduct the interview, we encourage authors to contact the editorial board of the Forum, providing the name and affiliation of the possible interviewee, the topic of the interview, and a draft list of questions. 

See interview examples on the Forum:

Language and structure

The Forum publishes articles in Canadian English. If contributors have written their submission using different variants of English, the editorial team will introduce necessary corrections and copy-editing for articles that have been accepted for publication.

Articles may also be submitted in Ukrainian. If considered worthy of publication, they will be translated by the editorial team.

Quality assurance

All submitted texts will be reviewed by the Forum editorial team and external experts. Please note that submitting a text does not automatically mean that it will be published. These rigorous reviewing procedures also apply to texts submitted by invitation of the Forum’s editorial board.

Due to the Forum’s responsible editorial approach to quality assurance, the publication of accepted articles may not be immediate.

Publication fee

The Forum charges no publication or article processing fees. Translation of accepted Ukrainian-language articles into English will also be free of charge.

Author’s responsibility

It is solely the author’s responsibility to ensure factual accuracy. Views and opinions expressed in the texts published on the Forum for Ukrainian Studies are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Forum’s editorial board. Nonetheless, it is our stipulation that all views and opinions should be expressed in an academic and civilized manner, avoiding any forms of discrimination, intentional fact manipulation, or character assassination.

Please send all texts and inquiries to

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