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Update on “Sanctuary: The Spiritual Heritage Documentation Project”

Iconostasis painted by Wadym Dobrolige. On April 16, professors John-Paul Himka and Natalie Kononenko gave a presentation in the CIUS lecture series on the Sanctuary Project, whose main focus has been documenting sacral culture on the Canadian prairies for the…
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Edward Lucas Says We Will Be Very Lucky If the War Conflict in Ukraine Would Be Frozen For Next 10-15 Years

The world famous British journalist and writer of political essays, senior editor at ‘The Economist’ and author of ‘New Cold War’ best-seller had delivered the public lecture entitled ‘Russia and the Baltic’ on March 5, 2015 at the College of…
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Contemporary Ukraine


Sanctuary Workshop — Connecting Academics, Church Decision-Makers and Museum Personnel

(l‒r) Nadia Cyncar, Tom Ward, Frances Swyripa, Natalie Kononenko, John-Paul Himka, Heather Coleman, Meaghan Patterson, Father Alexey Surayev, Elaine Harasymiw, Mike Luchanski, Karen Lemiski, and Roman Shiyan. 3 March 2015—On February 17, 2015 University of Alberta faculty involved in the…
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CIUS to Hold Euromaidan Anniversary Symposium

  10 February 2015— In the course of the Euromaidan revolution and the subsequent military conflict with separatists and the Russian army in Donbas in 2013‒15, thousands of people—military and civilian—have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. The ongoing…
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