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Update on “Sanctuary: The Spiritual Heritage Documentation Project”

Iconostasis painted by Wadym Dobrolige. On April 16, professors John-Paul Himka and Natalie Kononenko gave a presentation in the CIUS lecture series on the Sanctuary Project, whose main focus has been documenting sacral culture on the Canadian prairies for the…
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Sanctuary Workshop — Connecting Academics, Church Decision-Makers and Museum Personnel

(l‒r) Nadia Cyncar, Tom Ward, Frances Swyripa, Natalie Kononenko, John-Paul Himka, Heather Coleman, Meaghan Patterson, Father Alexey Surayev, Elaine Harasymiw, Mike Luchanski, Karen Lemiski, and Roman Shiyan. 3 March 2015—On February 17, 2015 University of Alberta faculty involved in the…
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