Author: Maryna Shevtsova

Maryna Shevtsova is a EUTOPIA Post-doctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is also a Senior FWO Fellow with KU Leuven, Belgium (2021/2026). After obtaining her PhD in Political Science from Humboldt University, Berlin, Maryna Shevtsova was a Swedish Institute Post-doctoral Fellow in the Gender Studies Department at the University of Lund in 2020 and a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Florida, USA, in 2018/19. Her most recent publications include the book LGBTI Politics and Value Change in Ukraine and Turkey: Exporting Europe? (Routledge 2021) and edited volumes LGBTQ+ Activism in Central and Eastern Europe. Resistance, Representation, and Identity (with Radzhana Buyantueva, Palgrave Macmillan 2019). In 2022 Maryna received an Emma Goldman award for her engagement in feminist research and human rights activism.

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