Author: Dovilė Budrytė

Dovilė Budrytė (PhD, Old Dominion University) is Professor of Political Science at Georgia Gwinnett College, USA, and a member of EUROPAST project at Vilnius University. She received research fellowships at Europa University Viadrina (Germany) and the Carnegie Council on Ethnic and International Affairs. In 2019, 2018, and 2015 she was a visiting professor at Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius University in Lithuania. Her articles on minorities, women, and historical trauma in Lithuania have appeared in "The Journal of Baltic Studies", "Gender and History", and "Journal of International Relations and Development". Her most recent book is "Crisis and Change in Post-Cold War Global Politics: Ukraine in a Comparative Perspective", co-edited with Erica Resende and Didem Buhari-Gulmez (2018). Other publications include books and articles on minority rights and historical memory in Eastern Europe. She is the President of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS).

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